Published 21 September 2023

Food Security & Sustainability

"Your approach to kitchen-related tasks needs improvement."

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Get involved: let's find a way to feed 9 billion people in 2050

What are the biggest environmental issues we face? Pollution? Climate change? True. But among these environmental topics, feeding the growing population, 9 billion in 2050, is one of the most pressing issues we have to find a solution for.

The value of systems thinking

Learn about systems thinking and its application to improve the environmental sustainability of food production systems. The main topics are:

Complexity and diversity of food production systems

Principles of system analysis

Evaluation methods for the environmental impact of food production systems

Strong and weak points of different food production systems

Crop production

Learn the basics of crop production to feed the world and preserve our planet's resources.

The main topics are:

1. Basic concept of plant production.

2. Issues related to global food production and consumption.

3. Influences of water (scarcity and availability) and other measures on crop production.

4. Processes that cause major problems for the environment.

5. Measures to solve and prevent those problems.